Welcome to the CORS Labs frequently asked questions page (FAQ)

This page is designed to provide quick answers to many common questions we get asked from around the world. We hope that it will help you in your prospecting endeavors and lead to quicker results when you have any issues. We intend this to cover a broad range of prospecting queries and not only concentrate on the Coiltek product.

From time to time we will be updating this page with more questions as they arise and encourage you to contact us with your suggestions which could help others with their detecting experience.

At CORS Labs (CL) we provide a full 2 year warranty on all of our manufactured coils. This warranty starts from the date of purchase by the customer. This is applicable worldwide. This warranty covers any manufacturing errors like cracks in plastics or performance issues like no response which are from manufacturing faults – usually these are noticeable within the first few hours of use. The warranty does not cover normal use or misuse of the product. For a coil/product to continue to perform well it must be treated with care and not be used in a way that will jar or incur any sudden impact. This sudden impact may result in developing a noisy product. CL, at its sole discretion, will determine the nature of the returned item and decide whether it is a warranty issue. Each individual case will be reviewed on its own merits and the more information you can provide the easier it will be for us to make a quick decision.

No, the warranty is only applicable for the original owner.

When wanting to claim warranty within Ukraine, you can either return it to your place of purchase or send it direct to CORS Labs. It is essential you include your proof of purchase docket and a short note informing us of the problem which has occurred. Also include your return address and phone number as we may need to contact you regarding the product. If you have purchased a product outside of Ukraine you must return it with your proof of purchase to your local dealer who will handle the warranty claims. Ensure you include your return address and phone number whenever returning a product.

If you are within Ukraine then in most cases yes. With the standard plastic housed coil we can cut open the coil and replace certain parts however we cannot rewind the coils as they are poured with epoxy so any damage which occurs to the windings are usually terminal. A fully potted coil, (epoxy filled), is more difficult to repair and usually only allows us to re-terminate the cable with a new plug. Replacing cables and plugs are usually quite easy and can sometimes make the coil work well for many more years. However, not all coils can be repaired successfully depending on the extent of the damage and the age of the coil. We individually assess each repair so as to ensure we make the correct diagnosis. There is a repair charge plus freight if the coil is outside of its warranty period. If you wish for your coil or any product to be repaired or reviewed you can forward it to us and we will assess the situation. Please include a note with your contact details and comment regarding the products behaviour. If you are outside of Ukraine then usually it is quite expensive to return the coil to us and if out of warranty can sometimes mean a new coil purchase. Please contact your local dealer for more information.

Usually yes especially if you are in the middle of a planned trip and cannot get the coil back for repair. If there are cracks in an older coil them the use of Araldite or a two part epoxy will help prevent them getting any worse. Regular inspection of your product can ensure you get on top of any damage early and help you use it for longer. At your earliest chance we recommend you forward the coil back to us so we can properly repair your coil for your next trip. If you need to repair a plug, then basic soldering skills are necessary. You will need to either buy a new plug or reuse the existing one and re-terminate the wires to the correct pins. By looking at the existing plugs configuration you will see where the wires terminate. This is crucial for correct operation of the coil.

Sometimes this can happen depending on the age of the coil or how it has been stored. The most crucial part to protect on the coil is its cable, especially where it enters the coil housing. If the cable happens to break at this point it is not fixable in the field and must be returned for repair. If your coil is a fully potted coil like the UFO and there is a break at this part of the coil then the coil is not repairable as there is no way into the coil due to the hard epoxy which covers the termination area. You can tell if this has happened because you will get a constant loud signal and by moving the cable left to right at the point where it enters the coil you could hear the signal stop and then come back. This means there is an open circuit. We recommend you turn off your detector quickly and avoid using the coil until fixed or replaced. To prevent coils being damaged ensure your coils are stored carefully and no moisture enters the coil. Always check the strain relief area where the cable enters the coil for cracks or signs of wear. Regular inspection can help prevent things going wrong in the field.

Definitely no, all our coils are water-proof.

Sometimes coils can develop a thing called ‘touch sensitivity’. This is when the detector is in operation and the coil comes in contact with the ground via sticks, rocks or grass. When it hits these object a sharp ‘ping’ sound is heard which can sometime resemble a small, close to the surface target. A quick recheck over the area shows no sign of a repeatable target. Coils which are fully potted with epoxy can usually display behaviour like this due to a shielding nature and are best run just off the ground. This is also due to the coil being extremely sensitive to ground conditions. Sometimes atmospheric conditions can cause this due to high electronic activity within the atmosphere. This can come from storms, windy days especially hot ones and salty ground conditions.

Yes. However it is always recommended to use a skid plate to avoid any unwanted damage to the coil base especially with the plastic housed coil type. The fully potted coils are made so they can be run without a skid due to their durability. Running a CORS coil without a skid plate does not void warranty.

We currently have an extensive network of dealers and distributors around the globe. Please see our International dealers page for one closest to you or contact us and we can advise you the best place to purchase.

Storing coils properly is essential to ensure good life from your product. The main area to protect is of course the cable, especially where it enters the coil. Most of the failings we see are at this point mainly due to constant use or pressure being placed on the entry point. When storing the coil make sure that the strain relief area has no pressure placed on it by way of other objects laying on top or being placed in tight areas. The more the cable bends in this section the more the risk of it breaking wires internally. Remember that the last thing you need happening is a coil failing in the field when you have travelled a great distance to get there. Always check you full kit before you leave!