CORS company has developed a product that increases the chances of success in metal detection. Different landscape conditions require a special approach to each location where being sought. Often, the metal detectors, which are equipped with standard coil, not flexible enough in this regard. The company “CORS” has developed a line of search coils to solve this problem.

Innovative technologies are patented and developed by our company along with quality components guarantee of high performance search coil “CORS”. Each coil before to go on sale, undergoing field tests that will minimize the sale of a defective product. We guarantee a high level of service and individual approach to each client.

Our dealer network will save you time and money.

What we did?

  1. Exclusive product which has no alternatives in the world.
  2. A variety of models from which you choose the sort of model that fits your needs and conditions of use.
  3. Quality service and individual approach to each client.

ISO Certified

Our company obtained ISO9001:2015 certification, and have been continuously improving our products and quality level for customer satisfaction.

Coils are available for:


Metal Detectors Brands


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