Coils series:

The extreme depth - the choice of professionals

A series of search coils designed for thorough research areas that had previously been investigated using metal detectors equipped with standard coils. The maximum depth of detection makes it possible to explore the layers of ground inaccessible to other coils. Another advantage of this series of coils over standard coils is the high magnitude the ground coverage.
This series include:
Giant 15x17"
Fire 15"
Detonation 13x14"
Recommended to use as additional.
For advanced users!

Optimal coil for every day

The coils have a relatively large depth and a good performance, and efficiency of separation of iron and such metals as silver, bronze, gold and copper. These coils are doing a fine job on the highly mineralized soils.
This series include:
Cannon 14.5x10.5"
Strike 12x13"
Scout 12,5x7,5"
Recommended as a substitute for standart coils.
For advanced and novice users!

Kings of beaches and parks

A series of search coils are well proven to use on fields of highly contaminated with iron and other metal debris. Excellent performance of metal separation became the highlight of these coils. Low weight of these coils enables long use metal detectors equipped with these coils.
This series include:
Fortune 9,5x5,5"
Shrew 6,5x3,5"
Point 5"
Recommended to use as additional.
For advanced and novice users!

Who we are?

Our company has developed a product that increases the chances of success in metal detection. Different landscape conditions require a special approach to each location where being sought. Often, the standard coil, which are equipped with metal detectors, not flexible enough in this regard. The company "CORS" has developed a line of search coils to solve this problem.

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Why chose us?

Innovative technologies are patented and developed by our company along with quality components guarantee of high performance search coil "CORS". Each coil before to go on sale, undergoing field tests that will minimize the sale of a defective product. We guarantee a high level of service and individual approach to each client.

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CORS coils for Golden Mask

CORS Coils (Cannon 14.5x10.5", Detonation 13x14", Strike 12x13", Scout 12,5x7,5", Fortune 9,5x5,5", Shrew 6,5x3,5", Point 5") for Golden Mask metal detectors 4-5 series now available! 

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