How to use CORS Coils?


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This instructions are common on all types of metal detectors, regardless of the manufacturer.
The use of CORS coils requires compliance with basic rules and recommendations in order to avoid "false signals"


Mounting of coil on the metal detector

1. Use a fixing bolt, velcro cble strap and rubber rings (gaskets) that supplied with the search coil.
2. Fix the coil cable on the rod of metal detector as indicated on the image. The cable should not move.



3. Fix the metal detector rod as high as possible. Thus, so that the metal part of the metal detector stem does not fall into the response zone of the coil. This is accompanied by the avoidance of false signals.


  •   The presence of metal parts in shoes and clothing can affect the stability of the coil.
  •   The metal shovel can enter the response zone of the  search coil in distance up to 30 inches. It is recommended to keep the shovel as far as possible from the coil.
  •   When searching, it is recommended to turn off the mobile phone or switch it to "Flight" mode.
  •   The distance between metal detectors should be at more than 50 feet (15 meters).


  • Recommended to use batteries, at least 25% of full charge.
  • Use alkaline batteries. It is not recommended to use rechargeable batteries (except those batteries that are bundled with metal detectors) and salt batteries.
  • In the cold / hot season, the coil needs a few minutes to adapt to the temperature of the environment.
  • Keep track of the connectors of the search coil and the metal detector. When oxides are present, clean the contacts with a small amount of acetone or alcohol. Recommended to clean contacts every 4-6 months.

Compliance with the above rules and recommendations, is the key to the stable operation of search coils CORS.





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